Shani Karni Aduculesi & Dancers


Roza Dance Company presents Pixels at the Artists In Flight choreograpers showcase, New York, NY, March 2019.

Choreography: Shani Karni Aduculesi 

Dancers: Shannon Chapman, Lucia Elledge, Lindsay Jones, Avery Lincoln, Hannah McClean, Marlee Sroka Osborne.

Music: Identity by Love Amplifier, Something Doing by Professor Armchair, Electro Jive by Mantic, Chikabom by Braindouche, Cubanola Glide by Professor Armchair.

Endless Meeting

Roza Dance Company Performs Endless Meeting at the WaxWork Showcase, Brooklyn, April, 2018.

Choreography: Shani Karni Aduculesi

Dancers: Shannon Chapman, Lucia Elledge, Emily E Forche, Yeji Moon.
Music: Al Em Ha’derech” (on the side of the road) Lyrics: Natan Alterman, Music: Naomi Shemer, Performed by: Chaya Arad, “Family videos” sounds from her private family videos edited by Shani Karni Aduculesi,  “Pegisha Le’ein Ketz” (Endless Meeting) Lyrics: Natan Alterman Music:  Jonathan Bar Giora, Performed by: Yossi Banai

60x60 Dance Parade

Roza Dance Company's Performance at the 60x60 Dance Parade, New York,NY, May 2011.

First Piece (number 13)

Choreography: Shani Karni Aduculesi
Dancer: Tumi Johnson
Original Music by: Laurie Spiegel
Second Piece (number 31)
Choreography: Shani Karni Aduculesi
Dancer: Tumi Johnson

Original Music by: Brian S Adler                                                                                                                                                      

between The Lines

Roza Dance Company performs at ‘Artsplotion: A Multi-Cultural Artist Event by Arts East New York, Brooklyn, NY.

Choreography: Shani Karni Aduculesi
Dancers: Hanna-Lee Sakakibara, Mary Vogt – Zimmerman, Tumi Johnson
Music: Chris Harvey/ Otherwake, Scanner/ Nemesis, DAC Crowell/ Red Shifted Harmonies.