Shani Karni Aduculesi & Dancers

Dance Classes and Workshops

Contemporary dance

We will be happy to tailor the class to your group/ studio/ school needs. 

Our company members will teach a class based on contemporary dance technique  and work on a dance phrase from one of our favorite pieces.

Available for all levels. 

Non dancers to professional dancers.

Roza Dance Company's Repertoire

In this workshop our company members will teach choreography phrases from some of our favorite pieces.

Be prepared to work hard and have fun!

Suitable for trained dancers.

Dance Improvisation and choreography

Learn how to generate your own movement language and composition techniques. Create and develop your own choreography. 

Available for dancers and choreographers who are looking for a fresh perspective on creation


For those who want to learn and experience the creation process of a dance piece.

X- RAY: An improvisation and choreography workshop

This is a two semester (or two part) workshop. In the first semester we will be improvising to a chosen theme. Through guided improvisation we will create dance pieces together or in small groups. In the second semester of the workshop we will use our "X-RAY vision" to look into the dance pieces we have created. The X-Ray process will break the piece down to three aspects: Physical- the choreography, movements, and how we use our bodies. Technical- music, space, costumes, lights. Mental- the meaning of the piece and its inspiration. In this work process we will explore each one of the three creation aspects and the relationships between them. We will see how these aspects contribute to the creation of a choreography and affect the choreographer and dancers while creating a dance piece. The students will develop their creativity, learn about the creation process and most of all dance! This class is suitable for teens and adults.

Dance and Words: an Improvisation and Composition Workshop

The curriculum encourages student creativity by exploring different ways of movement and incorporates the use of words in dance to express the student's literal and physical creativity. It also contributes to the development of social and physical skills of the students by incorporating specific themes and limitations in the tasks given to the students. For example: working with the theme of borders.

Hebrew Dance School

This is a contemporary dance class taught in English and Hebrew. In this class the instructions and use of music will be in both languages. As a result the students will improve their Hebrew language skills. The students will also be exposed to Hebrew literature and poetry and taught an appreciation for Israeli and jewish culture. The text of those songs as well as other forms of literature will be the inspiration for the dance's combinations and will be a base for discussion as part of the class. Jewish and Israeli holidays will also be themes for inspiration for dances and conversation. In this way the students will take part of a professional dance class, explore Hebrew literature , practice their Hebrew and learn and celebrate the jewish culture. The Class will be adjusted to the students age and dance experience. Age range of students can be middle school, high school and adults or modified for any other age group. No dance or Hebrew experience is needed, all can benefit and enjoy this class.